Normally, when flowers bloom, we wear our floral dresses. However, due to the general atmosphere of the world for the last two years, our uniforms have been either shorts or tracksuits despite seasonal changes. Don’t you think it’s time to change that now? Even though there are more times when we are at home, we can recall how comfortable and spacious the dresses are. Especially, we cannot ignore the trend called ‘nap dress’ with oversized cuts! With this dress style, which is indistinguishable from nightgowns, we get our bodies used to dresses again without sacrificing our comfort.

With oversized cut dresses, we are sure that you can make a comeback to fun spring summer dresses after reminding our body of dresses! Zoom birthday parties, picnic gatherings, office chic and much moreā€¦ Even though we have little place to go, we have a lot of dress options! We can add feel-good styles to our wardrobes to underline that we dress well and only to make ourselves happy.

We leave you with the 10 dress trends of Spring Summer 2021 in the photo gallery by saying good days are coming soon …