Every season, we usually see new interpretations and updated versions of certain and classic patterns. However, in 2021, the situation is a little different! This season, we are faced with patterns we have not seen before. There are many sources of inspiration, from idyllic landscapes to chessboards. Influenced not only by catwalks or Instagram style sheets, but also by popular culture, pattern trends, Netflix series and our new passion for nature bring to clothes.

Usually when we say spring, we think of cute ginghams, sailor-inspired lines and floral patterns, a timeless classic… However, when we say patterns in 2021, you will come across rainbows, silent batiks, romantic hearts and crimson fruits. The fashion industry, which stands before us with really unexpected pattern trends after an unexpected year, allows you to reflect your thoughts, feelings and positive energy with patterns.

If you generally like to dress minimally and simply, you may want to make some changes to your wardrobe in the new year. The patterns, which are among the fun clothes that raise our mood and make us start the day energetically, will make you welcome the spring season with joy. Unlike clothing trends, you can start wearing patterns that are suitable for all seasons in knitwear, coats or jackets now! Enthusiastic patterns, determined to get rid of last year’s uncertain and negative effects, come to light the dark days!

We can say that there is not much room for classics in the spring 2021 pattern menu… But if you want to include good innovations in your life, you can examine the 10 pattern trends of the new season in the photo gallery.