At the beginning of 2020, we celebrated the beginning of a new decade with great enthusiasm. The situation was not quite like that! The pandemic, which started to be heard in February and affected almost the whole world in March, caused the effect of stay at home and quarantine everywhere. While the whole world was closed to homes, there were many changes in the fashion industry. Fashion weeks have been canceled, fashion shows have been postponed or digital presentations have started. However, ‘Stay at Home’ styles started to take the place of street style. Throughout the year we’ve tried sequined dresses for Zoom conferences to elevate our mood, and even high heels at home just for fun. However, in general, we can say that your theme is ‘comfort’ and ‘home comfort’.

At the beginning of the year, we saw suits, statement-heeled boots and leather styles from top to bottom, while after March, suits were replaced by sweat suits, high-heeled boots were replaced by house slippers and head-to-toe knitwear. Even though we went out more often during the times when the restrictions were eased, the uncertainty in the air caused us not to leave the comfort and ‘home state’ situation. To summarize briefly, the trends of 2020 consisted of tracksuits and comfortable clothes in the meeting, office, cafe or park, in general.

We have seen that unisex white shirts, ‘sleep dresses’ and huge jackets are on the rise, while oversized cuts and loose silhouettes replace the waist-emphasized and attractive silhouettes we have seen in the past seasons. While we headed towards more colorful and fun styles in the summer months, we returned to the ‘sweatpants forever’ mode with the second quarantine period in the winter. If we could call out to the whole world at the same time and “Who has spent most of the year in pajamas or sweat suits?” If we asked, probably 90% of human beings would raise their hand. This is the fashion brief for 2020!

While we were trying to relieve our worries with the comfort of our clothes, we witnessed the knitwear update in underwear, the rise of DIY tie-dye patterns and of course the trend of super baggy hoodie. Clothing trends that emerged through Instagram and TikTok focused on our home chic and sometimes raising our mood. “Are we at home this week, can we go out?” We can say that people who fluctuate between the dilemma faced the same dilemma about fashion in 2020. Home styles moved to the outside, party or even festive styles to the house! At the Zoom conferences, we wore sweat suits and party blouses, while we wore pajamas outsideā€¦ Confused trends in a confused year!

You can see the 20 determining trends of 2020 in the photo gallery …