The theme of “comfortable elegance” in Spring – Summer 2021 continues to influence sandal trends, as you can imagine. High-heeled mule slippers are replaced by kitten-heel slippers, while platform sandals inspired by the 70s are replaced by flip-flops reminiscent of the ‘platform’ 90s. Among the new season models that facilitate the transition from home slippers to sandals, there are also sabot slippers and fisherman sandals that will take you back to your childhood years. Reflecting the freedom of movement of sneakers in hot weather, the common point in Spring 2021 sandals is comfort!

We would like to point out that the effect of the ‘statement’ heeled sandals we saw in previous seasons is not completely gone! Yes… Heels are lowered, soles are inspired by pillows, silhouettes are softened… But the flamboyant effect of the new fashion era is not over! While the stone embroideries, which are indispensable for the night style, were carried to the daily style, even the simplest sandal styles received a lively color update. Nostalgic, cute and stylish, the new season sandals will be great to show off your DIY pedicure at home!

You can examine the sandal trends of the new season in the photo gallery…