When we say fashion investment, we usually think of two different categories: Bags and shoes! In addition to being expensive, designer bags and shoes, which are the most valuable members of our wardrobe, are always in fashion. There are Hermes Birkin and Chanel’s chained shoulder bags in the bags, Manolo Blahnik shoes for which Carrie Bradshaw got a marriage proposal, and Christian Louboutin shoes with red soles that we see at almost every red carpet event. These shoes, which can take even the simplest outfit a few levels, are among the masterpieces of fashion.

The value of designer shoes, which are among the most ‘luxurious’ members of timeless fashion, also increases as time goes on. These shoes, which are not included in the fashion cycle, do not change with the trends of the seasons. These shoes, which have been the most popular members of fashion over the years, are indeed an investment part! These classic shoes, which are sold in auctions like a work of art, gain more value over time. If you want to turn shoe shopping into an investment, we say choose among these shoes!

In the photo gallery, you can see the fashion classics that defy the years and the shoe models that will become ‘classic’ next year …