Let’s Clean Together! H&M has joined forces with Danone AQUA for the bottle2fashion project that converts plastic bottle waste into recycled polyester off the Indonesian coast. This season bottle2fashion collects and recycles about 3.5 million PET bottles. For the H&M kidswear collection, recycled polyester mixed with organic cotton and recycled cotton to create comfortable, casual pieces with trendy colors and patterns. The children’s clothing collection was offered for sale in stores and online at hm.com.

“Bottle2fashion, which supports keeping beaches and oceans clean, is an exciting new step towards a more circular and collaborative approach at H&M. Giving a second life to single-use plastic bottles as recycled polyester is valuable in many respects for the world and our customers as well as for Indonesia’s environment, economy and social values.

The collaboration with Bottle2fashion supports the Indonesian Government’s initiative against marine pollution by collecting, separating, cleaning, shredding and then turning PET bottles into recycled polyester fiber, while also creating a workforce in the country.

The entire collection consists of a blend of recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled cotton from the bottle2fashion project. The collection consists of cheerful, comfortable and harmonious hoodies, tracksuits and long-sleeved tops, with stylish details such as pleated buttons, a mixture of contrasting colors, short lengths and batik. With a palette of black, marl gray, brown, navy blue, blush pink and lavender green, sunflower yellow, and vibrant blues, the magic of color really comes alive.