Some of the people you meet look very good, but you can never figure out how they look so good … They don’t wear clothes that shout the brand, they don’t wear excessive makeup, their hair is not like they came out of a new hairdresser every moment, but they are wonderful and create the impression of the most stylish person in the world. Let me explain their secrets to you: They make sense to use the basics you use in daily life in a way that you will never think of and in the best possible versions. For example, cardigans tied to the shoulders.

Remember the eye-bleeding styling detail that was in three-quarters of your parents’ youth photographs in the 90s. The outdated trend of the period is technically the same today. Yes, cardigans are on the shoulders. But they look amazing because of the way they are tied and the other outfits they are combined with. You know, after seeing that you can use an item you never wear in a different way, you add it to your wardrobe, for example. It’s like upgrading boring cardigans. A style detail from our parents to Bella Hadid to Eva Chen. Don’t forget to include #scrumper and #jurfing hashtags when sharing your photo on Instagram.


Do you think it’s a trend topic? Not that much, but don’t forget to add the hashtags #scrumper and #jurfing, a mixture of “scarf” and “jumper” when posting your winter cardigan looks on Instagram. When else will the sweater have such an opportunity to star!

Article: Serli Gazer Painter

Taken from the November issue of ELLE.