This period, in which we celebrate the return of the physical fashion shows that we miss, allows us to discover the new collections of many brands. After Louis Vuitton and Ferrari, Dior put on a magnificent show yesterday. The brand’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, chose Athens, a very special city steeped in history, for the Cruise 2022 fashion show. The first meeting of the brand with the city, the center of Western civilization and the cradle of European art, took place in 1951. Frames of the iconic photo shoot at the Acropolis were featured in Paris Match magazine at that time. After 70 years, Dior chose the same lands for the fashion show this time.

The French brand, which hosted 400 international guests at the fashion show held at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens last night, broadcast the event live on social media, on television and in public areas in Greece. The area where the fashion show is held is very important in terms of its historical meaning and its role in Antiquity! Panathinaiko has the distinction of being the only stadium built in marble in the world. This work is seen as an indispensable and unifying spirit of cultural life for all Athenians. The giant stadium is a symbol of ancient and contemporary youth, hosting 70,000 spectators, where games were held in honor of the Goddess Athena in ancient times.

Her director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, stated that when she first set foot in the area where the fashion show will be held, it was a difficult choice for her, and that she thoroughly examined the Western culture she had as an Italian. The creative director started the preparation process by first rereading Greek mythology. Then he set out for Greece with the desire to reunite the mystical culture with the brand. Cruise visited the country’s local workshops and craftsmen for his 2022 collection and had the chance to explore their art line. The embroideries featured in the fashion show yesterday are the result of a wonderful collaboration between the craftsman and Dior!

Chiuri describes her experience in these words: “I decided to go to Greece because I needed to question my own roots, self and culture. I’m Italian, I spent my whole life in Rome. I spent my childhood reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. Greek culture was always with me, even if I wasn’t aware of it at the time. I had to uncover it, examine its past from different angles. That’s what I did. I researched the DNA of the brand to come up with new ideas, create meaningful pieces and be remembered for it. The most obvious traces were on Greek soil. Without wasting any time, I found myself in Athens, the city itself was enough to inspire me.”

Another inspiration in the Chiuri collection is Giorgio De Chirico, a pioneer of surrealism, who paints poignant memories in Greece to paint the contrast of light and shadow. The creative director also explored the universe of the famous gallery owner Alexander Lolas during his trip. The most impressed was the collection of vases decorated with interlocking bodies. So much so that he embroidered the silhouettes he saw on the white dresses one by one. At the fashion show, these dresses were the details that stood out with their craftsmanship.

In addition to the craftsmanship, the long silk dresses that make up most of the collection were inspired by the peplum, which is called the goddess dress in Greek history. Prominent pearl details accompanied the mannequins, which appeared on the catwalks as if they were a Greek goddess. Maria Grazia Chiuri honored being a woman with each piece in the fashion show, adding strength to the power of women. The concept of feminism has always been a point of reflection for Dior, starting with the SS17 collection, which includes the powerful words of Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In addition to the clothes that complemented the mobility, studded bracelets, metallic sneakers and large athletic bags were other items that caught our attention in the collection.

Venue, designs, music and ambiance accompanying the models! The magnificent visual feast created by all of them deserves a huge applause. Again, Maria Grazia Chiuri did not surprise us and fascinated us all with her effective design language.